Sunday, July 26, 2015

Music mogul in fight to expose child abuse

The Shirley Oaks home where abuse took place
THE mentor of singer Jessie J has told how the abuse he suffered at a children’s home linked to a Westminster paedophile ring has inspired him to fight for justice for the victims.

Music mogul Raymond Stevenson, who discovered the former Voice judge when she was 15, said he and his friends were regularly beaten and drugged at Shirley Oaks in Surrey.

Dozens of others were sexually abused and Raymond, 51, believes the investigation is being hampered because it reaches into the heart of government.

He said “very powerful people” were involved in the abuse and the cover-up, including a Labour minister known as The Godfather.

Jimmy Savile also visited the home.

Police are investigating the allegations of abuse at the home near Croydon, which closed in 1983.

Raymond and author Alex Wheatle, another victim and former resident, are helping to run campaign group the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association.  (more...)


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