Friday, July 31, 2015

Dad of Niagara baby who died begged that boy not be placed with grandfather

Jeffrey Baldwin
The father whose 13-month-old baby died last weekend while in the care of a convicted child abuser, said he pleaded with children’s aid not to place his son with his grandfather.

“On the morning of the apprehension… I said flat-out: ‘If you place him with my dad, you’re most likely going to kill my son’,” the 20-year-old father said about the day his baby was taken away. “I know that man, and he was violent with me my entire life.”

As reported in the Star Thursday, a court document shows the Niagara children’s aid society knew the grandfather had physically abused his own infant son in 1995. (The grandfather was just a teenager at the time and is now in his mid-30s, according to an affidavit filed Wednesday by Niagara children’s aid in the Ontario Court of Justice.)

In May, Niagara children’s aid placed the baby in the care of the grandfather and his wife.

The baby was rushed to hospital with head injuries last Saturday and died Sunday.  (more...)

Another family "managed" to disastrous effect.

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