Wednesday, July 22, 2015

MPP Vernile does a sex-ed hat dance

Feminism's new face
WATERLOO REGION — Nazih Malki says he may pull his four children out of public school if the Liberal government refuses changes to new sex education teachings.

"What they are proposing is going to break the public school system," he said. "We're already working on a plan to pull them out."

Government MPP Daiene Vernile hopes children will stay in public school. But she's not backing away from sex education she supports and wants implemented.

"I want to see students in Ontario be safe. The vast majority of Ontarians do believe in this curriculum," the Kitchener Centre politician said.

Opponents "don't have to have their children in the classroom on the days that this information is being taught."

Malki, a Muslim parent, joined with sex-ed opponents of other faiths to meet recently with Vernile. He said critics made three proposals to her — delay the curriculum to survey parents, let families opt into the program rather than opt out, and develop two streams with differing information.  (more...)

Tippity tappity tippity...

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