Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Catholic Universities Support Gay Marriage, Hilarity Ensues

At least two Catholic universities in the United States have taken to social media to celebrate same-sex marriage this summer.

The schools are DePaul University — America’s largest Catholic school by enrollment — and the University of San Francisco.

In the case of DePaul, the school has published a plethora of social media posts urging students to support gay marriage and attend gay pride marches and parades, reports

On June 28 and 29, the official Twitter account of the Vincentian institution dedicated almost all of its tweets to Chicago’s 2015 gay pride parade.

A corresponding Storify feed created by DePaul University specifically notes that the “Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage a constitutional right added even more emotion to” this years’ pride parade.  (more...)

And there's our Catholic leader of the PC (politically correct?) party of Ontario:

Fratboy Pat and his buds

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