Thursday, July 9, 2015

Another reason why parents should demand that Wynne's radical sex curriculum be scrapped

As if there weren't already too many reasons to have the Liberal government's controversial sex curriculum withdrawn, here's more evidence to support the argument. Every month the Ontario College of Teachers publishes a magazine called Professionally Speaking. Among other articles of interest to teachers, each month there's a report on a number of teachers that have gone before the Discipline Committee hearings. These teachers are charged with possible misconduct. For the month of June 2015, nine teachers either lost their teaching certificates or had them suspended with some type of reprimand. This is just for one month.

The material is published not to inform parents and protect children. It's published for the "education" of teachers so they know when it comes to conduct "what’s appropriate and what isn’t." The College is mostly concerned about confidentiality and protecting the organization's reputation. The investigating committee's mandate is never about the serious psychological, emotional, social and physical harm done to the students. This point alone should alarm parents. This is especially worrisome when one considers the fact that most cases deal with sexual abuse perpetrated by a teacher, a person in a position of authority, against a vulnerable student.   (more...)


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