Saturday, July 18, 2015

UK: The end of FoI? 9 things we only know because of the Freedom of Information Act

A commission has been set up with a view to ushering in the end of FoI
In the past 10 years, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FoI), the British public has become aware of many important facts of which we would otherwise have remained ignorant.

We have learnt about cracks in the nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point B. We have learnt about police using Tasers against children, hospitals incinerating aborted foetuses, and aides to Michael Gove taking part in a ‘toxic’ email campaign.

We have learnt about the killing of Afghan civilians by British troops, and about the bullying with which Sir Cyril Smith discouraged police from investigating his sexual abuse of children. Without FoI, we would never have known about the Prince of Wales’s lobbying of ministers, or about the scandal of MPs’ expenses.

This week we learnt that, despite Parliament having voted against it, UK armed forces have taken part in air strikes against targets in Syria. And now – guess what? – the Government has set up a commission, with a view to ushering in the end of FoI.  (more...)

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