Friday, July 24, 2015

1986 letter by MI5 chief reveals how allegations of child abuse at Westminster were covered up

Simon Danczuk
MORE revelations are due to come out about historic Westminster child abuse allegations, an MP has warned.

Simon Danczuk spoke out yesterday after the Cabinet Office released a forgotten MI5 letter about a politician with a “penchant for small boys”.

Written by then-head of MI5, Sir Anthony Duff, the 1986 note made no reference to child safety but concluded that the unnamed MP had denied the allegation, adding that “the risk of political embarrassment to the government is rather greater than the security danger”.

Apparently “overlooked” during a 2014 Home Office investigation, it has now been published in a supplement to a review on whether the government covered up abuse allegations in the 1980s.

Many of the fresh files were discovered in a cache of “assorted and unstructured papers”.

Review author Peter Wanless, of the NSPCC, said no evidence of the deliberate removal or destruction of documents had been found and the new documents did “not necessarily” indicate a cover-up.

However, Labour MP Danczuk yesterday said: “These explosive papers show what I’ve long suspected – that the full weight of the British Establishment, including MI5, colluded in a cover-up to protect politicians who sexually abused young boys. That we can now see in black and white that the risk to children was not considered at all and the Establishment was more worried about the risk of political damage to the government is a damning indictment of the shameful attitudes of the people running the country at the time.”  (more...)

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