Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wynne Runs Into Irate Parents Over Sex Ed Curriculum

Condescending: Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne addressed over 100 protestors who
showed up at her annual ethnic media meet and greet in Mississauga to express anger
over new sex ed curriculum.
An annual ethnic media reception hosted by the Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne turned into chaos last Thursday when most of the journalists attending were blocked out of the venue as a result of dozens of people showing up to protest the new sex education curriculum.

Wynne’s annual ethnic media reception held at a Mississauga banquet hall was expecting about 200 ethnic media members, offering them the opportunity to talk to the Premier since they don’t usually get the chance at mainstream media events.

However, one hour before the scheduled event at 6 p.m., about 100 protestors – who are set against the new sex education curriculum that will be implemented in September this year – flocked to the venue, bringing speakers, holding signs and starting to chant for the resign of Wynne.

Protestors ranged from many different groups including ethnic ones – Chinese, Somali, Syrian, South Asian, etc., religious ones – Christian, Islamic, Sikh, etc. and community-based ones like the Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund.  (more...)

Sexualization of children? Think about sexualization of teachers:

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