Friday, March 13, 2015

Warmington: Liberal MPPs hearing complaints over new sex-ed curriculum

Liberal MPP recommends psychiatric help for "homophobic" parents
It’s not a leaky boat but an Ontario Liberal MPP has indicated a need for repairs to the hull.

After a week of flaring tempers from parents, a Liberal MPP has publicly stood up for his constituents’ concerns about the sex education curriculum, promising to make sure they are heard. Mississauga-Erindale MPP Harinder Takhar says from the results of two meetings this week, he sees how upset many parents are and has encouraged them to rein in their anger in exchange for a more focused strategy.

“We certainly see the emotion,” the former Liberal cabinet minister said Friday in an interview.

But that alone will not be enough, he said.

“When I was at the meeting in Brampton it was heated,” Takhar said. “What I told the people is to make a list of their specific concerns, take them to doctors and psychiatrists in their communities and cultures and if they are not satisfied I will take them” to Premier Kathleen Wynne.

“Of course I will. That is my job,” he said.  (more...)

More reassuring words for parents from the education establishment:

Note: The establishment pedophile networks currently being investigated in the UK communicated just fine with magazines and pamphlets back in the '70s and '80s. Clubs and associations weren't invented in the internet age. They molested children by the 1000's the low tech way. The internet, if anything, has been a tool for investigative journalists to finally force government and law enforcement to come clean and stop the cover-ups.

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