Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gaystapo Triumphant: Catholic public health board nominee dumped

City council has voted 20-17 to put a Toronto District School Board trustee onto the 13-member board of health, bumping the Catholic school board’s nominee after critics objected to her voting record on a range of topics.

“I’m really disappointed,” Angela Kennedy said Tuesday night.

“People are allowed to believe in things. I have a viewpoint which is my viewpoint. You can’t discriminate against me for my beliefs,” she said.

The Civic Appointments Committee recommended Kennedy’s appointment — which would have made her the first representative from the Toronto Catholic District School Board in 13 years.

But her voting record as a long-standing trustee did not sit well with several councillors. Kennedy, a registered nurse for 45 years, has voted against gay-straight clubs in schools, HPV vaccinations for young girls and is opposed to abortion.  (more...)

Seems Angela isn't one of the Sisterhood and their pedophile lackeys:

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