Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It’s our responsibility to raise our kids, not the government’s

Aren’t you sick of Ontario’s MPPs having different ideas? What we want is all politicians to think exactly alike, believe all the same solutions, have the same thoughts and never differ from our Dear Leader. Said no Ontario taxpayer, ever.

But wait, let’s take it one step farther. Should any “crazy” politician dare believe in something different, then obviously they should be publically shamed and humiliated, even if it is a concept this great country was founded on.   Doesn’t that sound like the kind of government we all want?

(I see a few heads in Toronto nodding in agreement)

If ideas can’t be raised and discussed in the Ontario Legislature (you know, the trademark of provincial democracy) then where exactly are ideas safe to discuss?

I’m talking of course about two incidents which happened recently involving MPP Monte McNaughton and MPP Rick Nicholls.  (more...)

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