Thursday, March 19, 2015

Letters: TDSB must reconsider special-ed cuts

The proposed cuts at the TDSB are undoubtedly going to affect Toronto’s children in a very profound way. As a developmental pediatrician working with children with special needs, I have already been contacted by parents who are distressed at the lack of communication by the TDSB about what is going to happen to their children once these cuts go into effect. These are the very parents who have worked tirelessly to advocate for the best placements for their children.

Children with special needs are vulnerable to begin with and are at risk for future challenges if not supported at the right time with the right resources. These resources are already limited. The proposal in consideration needs to be re-evaluated from the perspectives of parents and caregivers who are desperate in ensuring their children can attend school full-time and have the support that they need for their optimal development.

Who has decided that children with special needs should take the hit in this fiscal climate, and why? To take such an action is to perpetuate the inequality that Toronto is becoming known for.  (more...)

How about addressing the incompetence and corruption?

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