Monday, March 23, 2015

British Police: Pre-election Scapegoats in Establishment Child Abuse Cover Up?

As headlines spewed out from the media concerning 'establishment abuse' cover ups by Scotland Yard, hard working, incorruptible front line officers could only hang their heads in despair as mud once again splattered over them as the result of the Independent Police Complaints Commission 'revelations.'

In fact there was virtually nothing in the IPCC's statement that was not already in the public domain and, given that the organisation has little credibility amongst either police or public, can only lead to speculation that the inevitable headlines are more of an attempt at self publicity rather than addressing the real issues.

Whilst, courtesy of the IPCC, media headlines speak of a 'police cover up' it is of course anything but. All the evidence unearthed thus far clearly points to an establishment cover up during which a small section of police officers were pulled around like puppets on a string by those who were and may indeed remain untouchable.  (more...)

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