Thursday, March 19, 2015

Indo-Canadian Tory MP blasts Wynne’s sex ed as ‘dangerous’ and ‘offensive’

'The Liberals need to stop attacking family values,' says Brampton Conservative MP Parm Gill.
OTTAWA, March 19, 2015 ( -- Brampton Conservative MP Parm Gill is blasting the Ontario Liberal government’s new sex education curriculum for teaching young children concepts that “parents consider offensive and morally questionable.” The raising of the issue by an Indo-Canadian exemplifies the emergence of new Canadians as a socially conservative, non-partisan political force especially on family values.

Speaking in the House of Commons on February 20, Gill first cited the federal Liberals for their support of “legalizing marijuana” and “prostitution in our streets and in our neighborhoods,” before moving on to the Liberal government of Premier Kathleen Wynne.

He described her sex education program for primary grades as “graphic and explicit sex education starting in Grade One,” continuing, “as a father of three I share the concern of many of my constituents that these policies are dangerous and expose young children to explicit sexual behaviour and teach practices and concepts that parents consider offensive and morally questionable.”  (more...)

Meanwhile, another GTA parent protest:

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