Tuesday, May 14, 2019


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The royal families of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark finance are wealthy royals that finance and direct Nazi-Viking organizations, cults, and secret societies in the United States and Europe. Vikings were Scythians that invaded and subverted the Nordic region and people who were living there peacefully until the Viking invaders settled there and started raiding other nations. Vikings were not real Nordic people. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is the head of the Swedish royal family with his wife Queen Silvia and their children are Princess Victoria, Princess Madeline, and Prince Carl Philip who is a high level militant Viking commander involved in torture, rape, and murder. Prince Carl Philip is extremely arrogant and extremely destructive. Both King Carl Gustaf and is son Prince Carl Philip are members of Sweden's royal navy and can be seen wearing naval caps. Prince Haakon of Norway is also an admiral in the Royal Norwegian Navy. Vikings operated like a navy. The Swedish royal family use Stockholm's Syndrome as a tool for brainwashing people into siding with them to the point there is no difference between them and their minions. The Swedish House of Bernadotte use the Wallenberg family as Court Factors and financiers. The Wallenberg family established Stockholms Enskilda Bank now known as SEB Group which has assets estimated at over 2.6 trillion. During WWII Stockholms Enskilda Bank acquired subsidiaries in Robert Bosch GmbH which was in contract with the Nazi military producing arms and using Nazi slave labor. The national bank of Sweden financed the Nazis and was blocked by the US during WWII. The CEO of their bank Jacob Wallenberg was even awarded the Order of the German Eagle under the Nazis. The Swiss-Swedish company ABB Group formerly Brown Boveri & Cie before it merged with the Swedish ASEA paid millions of dollars to their slave labor victims used during WWII. ASEA used a swastika for its original logo. The royal families of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are all intermarried with German nobility that were directly involved with the Nazis. The German House of Glucksburg currently rule in Denmark and Norway today with Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and King Harald of Norway. The German branch is headed up by Prince Christoph of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg and his son Prince Friedrich Ferdinand. The Glucksburg family married in with various German Nazi bloodlines. Prince Christoph of Hesse was Ministry of Air Forces for Nazi Germany and a Nazi SS commander.  (more...)

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