Sunday, May 19, 2019

Irish Magic Castles: Hearst and Disney

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The Hearst family are one of the most evil bloodlines in the United States and they work closely with the Disney family. They have Irish ancestry and they covertly work with the Irish Mafia and Kennedy family as well as the Irish McMahon family. The Hearsts are worth 28 billion and they own Hearst Communications with ESPN, Lifetime and A&E which includes the History Channel. They share ownership over ESPN with the Disney Company. The Disney family are also an Irish bloodline. The Disneys migrated to Ireland from Isigny, France. Roy E. Disney was a Vatican Knight of the Order of Saint Gregory. The Hearsts also own Viceland and employ the Albanian-Jewish-Aryan mobster and gangster rapper Action Bronson who is a ruthless and sadistic psychopath. Action Bronson's real name is Ariyan Arslani. Ireland is Aryland and was settled by Aryans which tend to have red hair. Moses Annenberg was a 1930's Jewish mobster that worked for the Hearst Corporation and was convicted of tax evasion. The Hearsts spread insane propaganda on the History channel like their show Ancient Aliens. They are brainwashers. The Disneys are also involved in brainwashing children with sex programming as well as brainwashing society into thinking that royalty are normal and special. Disney runs MK Ultra ritual sex programming on children and especially on young girls. Some members of the Disneys today include Timothy Disney, Roy Patrick Disney, Abigail Disney, and Susan Disney Lord. The Disneys control Shamrock Holdings which owns hotels, television shows, radio stations. They also manage the investment firms Shamrock Capital Advisers and Shamrock Activist Value Fund. Realistically the Disneys are probably worth several billion. Their Shamrock companies is in reference to the Disney's Irish ancestry. The shamrock is frequently used as a symbol for the Irish Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood gangs. The Disneys and the Hearsts work with the Irish Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood.

The name Hearst refers to a hearse which carries a casket. Their ancestors name was originally Hearse. They are covert members of the Skull and Bones death cult and the Hell Fire Club which was founded in Ireland. The Hearsts and Disneys are both British Crown agents and Vatican agents. William Randolph Hearst the founder of this family went to Harvard a university created by the British Crown. His son Randolph Apperson Hearst also went to Harvard. There are about 65 members of the Hearst family today which share the 28 billion. George Randolph Hearst III is a current member of this family and the publisher of the Times Union newspaper. William Randolph Hearst II is another current member of this family and he was Jesuit educated at the University of San Francisco. Patty Hearst is a member of this family who carried out an armed robbery on a bank which seemed to do for her entertainment since the family is worth tens of billions. She was convicted of the bank robbery and then Jimmy Carter pardoned her because billionaires get special treatment. Her sister Anne Hearst is a member of this family and she was Jesuit educated at Regis College in Denver. Amanda Hearst went to the Jesuit's Boston College and later to Jesuit Fordham. Stephen Thompson Hearst is a member of this family. The Hearsts are also ruthlessly evil and are involved in financing relentless gang stalking and murder. A sadist named Christine Gomez-Martello works for the Hearst family and their A&E Networks. She is psychotic and is a gang stalker. The wrestler Paul Michael Levesque calls himself Triple H for Hunter Hearst Helmsley naming himself after them. Triple H who married into the billionaire McMahon family is a psychopath and involved with human trafficking, steroid trafficking, and blood trafficking. John Augustine Hearst or "Austin" Hearst is a leading member of the family today and a top executive for Hearst and the founder and CEO of the real estate firm Chestnut Holdings.

The Disneys are agents of the Vatican and British Crown which is why Roy E Disney was a Vatican knight. Disney is known for putting sexual innuendos into its kids movies. The Disney Channel also uses MK ultra sex programming on young girls.  (more...)


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