Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Miracle of Damascus

On November 22, 1982, in the old city of Damascus, within walking distance of the House of Ananias (where Paul became the light of Christ to the gentiles), a strange new light began to shine, dim at first, but [with the grace of God] a beacon to re-light the world.

A young girl named Myrna prayed over the bed of her sister-in-law, Layla. She was very sick. Two other women prayed with her, an Orthodox woman, and a Moslem woman. As they prayed, the Moslem woman noticed light coming from Mirna's hands. [Mirna didn't notice it.] After the light, oil began to flow right out of her skin. Mayada Kowzaly shouted at her to look at her hands. Myrna, confused, didn't know what was happening nor what to do about it. Mayada quickly told her to put her hands on Layla, the sick woman. She was instantly cured. And so the light began to shine in this bewildered young woman. Mirna had just turned 18 and had only been married six months.1

That evening her husband, Nicolas, came by to pick Myrna up. Excited, they told him what happened. He reprimanded Mirna severely. Neither of them knew what to make of it.

On November 25 Myrna's mother was cured in the same manner. But this was only a flicker of light. The true miracle of Damascus was about to start. These bizarre happenings were only paving the way for what would come that same week.  (more...)

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