Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Open letter to Minister of Education on schools repair backlog

Dear Minister,

This month, the Auditor General uncovered that years of neglect have left our community schools in dire need of repair. Notably, the Auditor General reported that the Ministry of Education requires a minimum of $14 billion invested towards infrastructure; $1.7 billion of which is critically necessary and urgent.

Organizations like Fix Our Schools have brought these issues to your attention time and time again. They estimate that the capital repair backlog at the Toronto District School Board alone totals $3.3 billion. Rather than addressing these issues immediately, your department has allowed the capital repair backlog to balloon out of control. While the Auditor General recommends an investment of $1.4 billion per year to maintain schools in a state of good repair, actual annual funding for the last five years amounts to approximately $150 million—approximately ten per cent of the required investment.

Minister, school boards do their part by proposing viable solutions to address these issues but your lack of commitment continuously stifles their efforts.  (more...)

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