Thursday, December 3, 2015

Comments on the Ontario AG’s 2015 Electricity Planning Report

The Auditor General’s (AG) 2015 is the most complete, concise, and accurate source available for folks seeking to understand what’s up with Ontario power rates.

The AG is gaining analytical strength. This report is much a stronger performance than the review of stranded debt in 2011.

The AG explains in painful detail how the government ignored its own experts on big ticket items. The pattern of negligently ignoring cost saving advice is so pervasive there is no way to avoid the conclusion that the government simply does not care about costs to consumers.

Over and over, the AG destroys core government talking points:

- “conservation is saving you money” (no, conservation is costing you money and the government-controlled agencies monitoring conservation are ordered to blow the government’s horn)
- “power exports are profitable” (no, power is being exported at a massive loss, salvaging pennies on the dollar)
- “Ontario is an international leader in renewable energy” (Ontario consumers are paying 2 to 3 times US costs for the same renewable energy)
- “we’re solving Global Warming” (Ontario’s transportation sectors and the industrial sectors are 4-5 times bigger CO2 emitters than power)
- “wind and solar are replacing coal” (wind and solar are unreliable, gas replaces coal)  (more...)

It doesn't have to be that way:

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