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Do you have a personal relationship with Hitler?
...The Moyers address highlights once again the potential for the GOP’s Christian Armageddon Lobby to precip­itate disaster. Just as an apocalyptic war with Islam as part of the End Times Prophecy would fit the Armageddon Lobby’s agenda, so, too would the physical destruction of the environment. Although some evangelical Christians embrace pro-environmentalism, the casual disregard of others of their faith for the sanctity of the ecosphere is frightening. In the discussion points that follow, we will examine a hypothetical point: the possibility that the Underground Reich may be utilizing the Born-Agains as a vehicle for the realization of many of their goals — especially the destruction and/or subjugation of the United States and the annihilation of the Jews.

Next, Mr. Emory presents a hypothetical element of discussion: the possibility that the Third Reich may have allied with Protestant fundamentalists in the U.S. at the end of World War II. That was a projection made in an anti-fascist book published in early 1944:
“Also of interest to Berlin — particularly in view of the coming underground fight of the Nazis — must be the Fundamentalist Protestants, who have a considerable following in Michigan, Kansas, Colorado, and Minnesota. To be sure, some of the Fundamentalists are among the most courageous fighters for democracy, but a great many of them are definitely pro-Hitler. Their reason for this stand is that Fundamentalists do not believe in freedom of religion, and they do believe that the Jews should be punished because they killed Christ. They say that Hitler has been sent by God to ‘save Christianity and destroy atheistic Communism.’ To many of them Japan is the ‘oriental outpost of Christianity’ destined to save Asia from the danger of a ‘Communistic China.’”
(The Nazis Go Under­ground; by Curt Riess; Copyright 1944 by Curt Riess; Doubleday, Doran and Co., Inc. [HC]; pp. 125–126. Library of Congress Control Number: 44007162.)
 The Nazis Go Underground
Suppose, for the sake of argument, that the planners of the Third Reich’s postwar underground strategy wanted to eliminate the United States as a competitive world power and wished to finish their extermination of the Jews. They would not have been able to plot a military solution to the problem with the U.S. in possession of the atomic bomb. They would have had to seek another solution. By encouraging a reactionary form of fundamentalist Christianity in the United States, they could gut the U.S. educational system — thereby denying the United States of the scientific and technical minds necessary to maintain scientific, technological and intellectual parity in the modern world. The despoliation of the environment highlighted in the Moyers address would, in time, decimate the American population, its landscape and natural resources. After much of the world’s Jewish population had emigrated to Israel, that country could be destroyed by hostile Muslim neighbors. (In this regard, one should not overlook the Al Taqwa milieu and its links with the Underground Reich. In his exhaustive series on 9/11 and related events, Mr. Emory advanced his theory that the Muslim populations of the Earth Island were being cultivated by the Underground Reich as proxy warriors against the U.S., Britain and the Jews — their erstwhile World War II enemies.) The Armageddon/End Times scenario so popular among the Christian Right (if realized) would “fit the bill” nicely.

 Gehlen: Spy of the Century
Following his formal retirement from the intelligence field, General Reinhard Gehlen became a religious evangelist. Was this remarkable conversion in any way connected to the contingency plans discussed above in the excerpt from the Curt Riess text?

In the context of Mr. Emory’s speculation about the possibility that the Underground Reich may be utilizing the Christian Right as a vehicle for effecting the destruction and/or subjugation of the United States, it should be recalled that the Gehlen reported to Bormann’s security chief, Heinrich Muller and that Gehlen was clearing his postwar actions taken in conjunc­tion with US intelligence with Admiral von Doenitz (Hitler’s nominal successor as head of state) and General Franz Halder, his former chief-of-staff. In his operations, Gehlen was operating as part of the Underground Reich.
“Today, on the thresh­old of three score years and ten, General Reinhard Gehlen has found a surprising new field of activities. He has become an evangelist. With still unimpaired energy he has taken over the direction of a campaign for building new churches and schools for the Evangelical Church in Catholic Bavaria. After a life of seclusion he frequently attends meetings all over the province at which appeals for new funds are launched; on occasion he does not disdain to visit members of his religious community in order to encourage the enterprise and to pass the begging bowl. . .”

A comic episode in Muslim/Evangelical ecumenism:

Catholics shouldn't assume they aren't in the crosshairs, as well.

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