Friday, December 4, 2015

Father Joe LeClair returns to Ontario as pastor

Back in the saddle
Father Joe LeClair, who spent almost eight months in jail last year for defrauding the Ottawa church he served, is back in Ontario working at a church in Guelph.

The popular priest shocked the church community when it was discovered he was stealing thousands of dollars from the parish of Blessed Sacrament Church in Ottawa to manage what was revealed as a gambling addiction.

He also took $5,700 from church coffers to go on vacation, according to court records.

He pled to guilty to theft and fraud in January 2014 and served about two-thirds of his sentence.

Upon his release, he worked for a church in Moncton.

But he's back in Ontario now, serving as an associate pastor at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Guelph.

"Take the time to introduce yourself to ... Father Joe," reads an online church bulletin from Saint Joseph.


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