Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bob Chiarelli’s Electrifying Analysis

Just as the Ontario government passes Bills 112 and 135 giving total control over virtually all aspects of the province’s power system to the Energy Minister, currently Bob Chiarelli, we get this insight into Minister Chiarelli’s analysis.

This video includes about 8 minutes of Minister Chiarelli responding mostly to questions from the Star’s Rob Ferguson and Rob Benzie. Both of them are asking solid questions about the Auditor General’s damning report issued earlier in the day. Notice Benzie inviting the minister to attack the AG Bonnie Lysyk’s grasp of the complexities of Ontario’s power system as the minister has in the past after previous damning electricity findings from Lysyk.

Minister Chiarelli gets on a roll. He has obviously discovered from his astrologers that Global Adjustement (GA) was “introduced by Mike Harris” (it was actually originally introduced in 2005 and labelled as the “Provincial Benefit”), and the lack of the GA is what we pay for through the Debt Retirement Charge  (more...)


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