Monday, December 21, 2015

Former Ivy League scholar turns whistleblower

Academia as self-mutilation
It’s a critique of liberal professors and coddled, narcissistic students, and it’s done by a liberal scholar who’s been there, done that. And it’s glorious honesty.

Writing in Slate, former Yale and Harvard scholar Rani Neutill explains why she left a career in academia. Two pieces she has penned in the last two months spell it out, but in a nutshell: her peers and her students.

In a column this month, she explains how the Ivy League professoriate is filled with pretentious snobs who only like to talk about themselves and their esoteric little intellectual worlds.

But not just that. “Coddled young radicals” in her “sex throughout American cinema” course also drove her crazy, she wrote in Slate in late October.  (more...)

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