Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Watch the Kinsey Syndrome and understand the dangerous push to sexualize children in schools


American History Films, A Jude 3 Production
Executive Producers: Joseph M. Schimmel, Christian J. Pinto
Written and Directed by: Christian J. Pinto
Associate Producers: Clark Aliano, Steve Aguilar
Running Time: 164 Minutes

We watched The Kinsey Syndrome this past week and we were shocked to see just how one sick and perverted man could be the cause of such great moral harm to society and to children. As a "sexologist" professor he held a trusted position, and used his authority to essentially abuse children. Kinsey's flawed research data has shaped modern sex "education," lenient court decisions for sexual crimes and the whole sexual revolution. This is a hard documentary to watch, but it must be seen in its entirety if parents want to understand why today Ontario schools are pushing Kinsey's radical sex curriculum on children. We should learn from this junk "science" and not continue to make the same mistakes.  (more...)

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