Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Toronto District School Board is using English classes to indoctrinate children to a "genderless society"

Sitting on a little over an acre of prime real estate, just on the other side of the south end of Toronto's trendy, hyper-liberal Annex neighborhood, is Central Technical School.

Amidst leafy streets lined with Victorian row houses in an area populated largely by university professors, downtown professionals and urban hipsters, Central Tech is a huge Edwardian structure that, with its adjacent playing field, takes up an entire large city block.  The century-old stone building physically resembles any number of large high schools throughout North America erected around the same time.  But the school is unique in Toronto in that it draws students from all over the city who come for its specialized technological, trades, and arts courses, which they provide in addition to the regular provincial curriculum.

My son is a student there and through my involvement as a co-Chair of the School Council, I have come to learn that Central Tech has the advantage of an exceptionally professional administrative team and some outstanding teachers.

But some of them have taken the curriculum that was the brainchild of former Education Minister and current Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Deputy Minister of Education, accused child pornographer Ben Levin, more to heart than is comfortable for many patents.  (more...)

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