Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Manufacturing Consent on Same Sex Marriage

During a week in which a massive snowstorm delivered a one-two punch to much of the nation, a tiny avalanche of rulings and calculated legislative maneuvers thundered down from courts and statehouses across the country.
Kentucky: A judge ruled that the state must recognize same sex marriages from other states, even though Kentucky has a same sex marriage ban in place. 
Virginia: A judge overturned that state's same sex marriage ban, which went undefended by the state's new attorney general. 
New Mexico: The state's attorney general has announced he will not defend his state's prohibition on same sex marriage. 
Indiana: The State Senate, despite a 37 to 13 Republican supermajority, voted to postpone the inclusion of a marriage amendment on the ballot until 2016. 
All of this followed recent rulings in Utah and Oklahoma which declared those state's same sex marriage bans to be unconstitutional.
The notion that there is something unconstitutional about not buying into the equivalency of genderless marriage to gendered marriage has seized the imagination of those who hold power.

But who or what is really winning here?  (more...)

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