Friday, February 28, 2014

Engineering Children for Gay Granddads

While this nation's adoption industry has been heavily regulated – and rightfully so – the engineering of children through the purchase of gametes and the rental of wombs remains the wild, wild west.  In some states, anything goes.

Any infertile couple working with a reputable adoption agency knows that the window of opportunity for adopting newborns closes as you approach forty years of age.  After that, you're cut off and must start considering adopting older children.  In fact, agencies prefer that there be a comfortable distance between you and the big four-oh.

But for white gay males, there are no rules, only endless options for accessorizing their lives with human beings they have the means to acquire.  They choose to purchase children because they are unwilling to create children in the natural way, and are unwilling to commit to a woman in order to form a family to nurture children.

So now we have a growing population of children who must pay the price for their Two Dads' neglected functionality, or perhaps dysfunctionality, by foregoing a mom.  (more...)

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