Saturday, February 22, 2014

Paedophile Graveyard: Where a Degenerate Society Went to Die

There is a legend that on the night of April 27, 1945, Adolf Hitler escaped the Reich bunker in Berlin and fled to live in exile in Argentina. First, the Fuhrer shaved his moustache. Then a body-double committed suicide, fooling even the inner circle. Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun — newly made his wife — left the bunker by secret tunnels and boarded a Junkers Ju-52 transport plane, which smuggled the couple over the Alps.

There, a U-boat was waiting to carry them to South America. He and Eva settled down, had two children and Hitler died in 1970, a contented family man. In Argentina and in Chile in recent weeks, I heard the legend again and again. One man claimed he knew a waiter who had served Hitler roast beef at an officers’ ball in Buenos Aires in 1956. Others spoke about his funeral. One rumour had it that Brazilian Nazis kept video tapes of the Fuhrer’s funeral pyre.

The truth, of course, is that Hitler shot himself in his bunker in 1945. He never set foot in South America. He never lived in Argentina in an estate built to resemble his former Alpine hideout — the Berghof — up in the Seven Lakes in the Andes.

But the reason South Americans believe these myths is that many other Nazis did escape to the Andes.  (more...)

Paedophile Graveyard: Where a Degenerate Society Went to Die

They don't entirely go away; they just blend in:

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