Friday, February 14, 2014

TDSB school trustee insults councillor on Twitter

A Toronto school board trustee has come under fire for calling a city councillor a “windbag” and saying the LGBT community is discriminating against straight people.

Sam Sotiropoulos, a trustee with the Toronto District School Board, said he is standing his ground after directing the insult at Coun. Shelley Carroll during an exchange on Twitter, in which Carroll referred to one of his tweets about discrimination as the “dumbest yet.”

When the trustee called her out, Carroll responded by saying she was “being kind.”

The trustee shot back, saying “so, in other words, you weren’t being your usual windbag self?”

In an interview, Carroll said she felt the need to weigh in following a series of tweets from Sotiropoulos suggesting he is being “bullied” online after last week questioning the appropriateness of public nudity during Toronto’s annual Pride parade.

Sotiropoulos claimed he was the victim of “homosexism,” which he defined as discrimination against a heterosexual person by members of the LGBT community.  (more...)

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