Friday, February 21, 2014

REALity February 2014: Online Public Consultation on Prostitution

The Government is seeking public input on Canada’s prostitution laws and the Supreme Court decision in the Bedford v. Attorney General of Canada prostitution court case.  The Court struck down the laws on prostitution, and gave Parliament one year to bring in new legislation.

It is crucial that each one of us, as individuals, participate in the public consultation on the Minister of Justice website.  Please share your views on prostitution and ask your friends to do the same.

Online Public Consultation on the prostitution laws

The government wants public input on the prostitution laws.  The online consultation will be open from February 17th to March 17th.  The pro-family voice must be heard loud and clear.  To give your opinion, go to: and follow the links to the Public Consultation on Prostitution or reply by email at

Our Views on Prostitution

Prostitution is abuse, exploitation and violence against women and children.  Prostitution turns women and girls into sex objects, a commodity to be bought and sold.

Prostitution is inherently dangerous, no matter where it takes place. Human trafficking, drug addiction and organized crime are associated with prostitution.  Legalizing or decriminalizing prostitution does not reduce the harm, danger or exploitation of women or girls.

Parliament must send a clear message to society that prostitution dehumanizes, degrades and distorts the value of individuals.  As a society, we should not tolerate the exploitation of women and children for the sexual gratification of others.

We must ask Parliament to enact clear and well-defined legislation to combat prostitution, sexual exploitation and human trafficking of women, children, and men.  The new laws must prevent prostitution, and the harmful activities associated with it.  Prostitution and the harmful activities associated with it should be illegal.

Please speak out on the Public Consultation on Prostitution.

President’s Message
February 20, 2014


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