Thursday, February 13, 2014

Part II:The road our schools have taken to moral disaster

(Reader note: Part I of this two-part posting appeared on February 12, 2014) How did Ontario schools go down this road to moral disaster? The provincial government began with the idea of passing safe school policies. This big policy push started in Ontario in 2000, Manitoba in 2004 and BC in 2007. The purpose of the safe schools initiative was to prevent bullying, violence, and discrimination.

As well, the whole campaign was connected to school boards across Canada that had years of experience in developing and implementing multicultural, anti-racism and gender equity policies and initiatives. The existence of diversity and equity policies in many ministries and districts of Canada were already present, but a number of provincial governments began to actively promote Equity and Inclusive education. Ontario was one of them. By linking these positive sounding ideas together, how could anybody object. The language was so abstract, welcoming and all encompassing.  (more...)

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