Monday, February 17, 2014

OISE Interviews Teachers About How To Indoctrinate Students

You can find videos here in which OISE has interviewed five teachers regarding how they indoctrinate students.  OISE does not even try to hide the fact that they are indoctrinating students; the section of their website that the videos are found in is titled "Edactivism" (educational activism).  Their list of "educational activists" includes Antonino Giambrone (who I believes chairs the TDSB gay pride committee) and Tim McCaskell (a Queers Against Israeli Apartheid spokesman who gave a talk at the Marxism 2013 conference at Ryerson U last summer).

One of the videos is an interview with TDSB teacher Marian Shehata.  She said she wants her colleagues and students to "understand the inequities that exist in our society, but also that a different kind of society is possible."  She wants to bring change to "create a more equitable society for all."

She says, "I think the whole activism journey started in a more intense way for me in high school... and that was where I was really exposed to ideas of feminism and the intersection between race and gender..."  (more at Socialist Studies...)

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