Tuesday, February 25, 2014

$225-million lawsuit against Christian school can go ahead

BROCKVILLE, ON ─ A $225-million class-action lawsuit alleging abuse against students attending Grenville Christian College from 1973 to 1997 has been given the go-ahead to proceed.

A nine-page decision released Monday by an appeal tribunal of the Superior Court of Justice Divisional Court overturned a May 23, 2012 ruling by Judge Paul Perell.

The decision concluded that Perell was mistaken in refusing to certify the class-action suit.

The now-closed school and the individual respondents cited in the claim must pay $35,000 to the appellants for the cost of the appeal.

Similarly, the respondents are ordered to pay the cost to certify the motion of $150,000.

The $225-million lawsuit filed in 2007 alleges physical and sexual abuse, including bizarre rituals to punish students' sins, which they claim left them traumatized.  (more...)

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