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Ireland, Ratline Nazis, and the JFK Assassination


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...Much of the program consists of analysis of the highly suspicious “suicide” of Edward Grant Stockdale, JFK’s ambassador to Ireland and an individual who possessed information about a number of sensitive matters that may have led to his elimination.

Much of that sensitive information concerned the large Nazi diaspora which materialized in Ireland in the 1960’s, heavily capitalizing the Irish economy and augmenting a Nazi/fascist political base in that island nation.

Drawing on virulent anti-British sentiment in the “Emerald Isle,” as well as profound Vatican influence in that country, a strong Third Reich underground fused with domestic fascist elements such as the Blueshirts to create a strong ideological, operational and economic foundation for the Nazi dream of a “European Argentine.”

“ . . . . A decade later, according to historian Dennis Eisenberg in his thorough expose Re-Emergence of Fascism. ‘The early spring of 1961 saw one of the most important changes in plans for the fascist international’s future activities. . . . It was decided at this meeting to try and make Ireland the future home for their activities in the same way as the Argentine had been used in the days immediately after the war. . . . The methods used were the same as those which had been directed against Peron; the country will be flooded with capital in such a way that the Government would become dependent on the men who control the money purses. Now Ireland was to become a kind of ‘refuge’ on the door-step of Europe for fascist-minded extremists.’ . . . .”

Stockdale’s “suicide” followed President Kennedy’s assassination by ten days.

“ . . . . On the morning of December 2, 1963, ten days after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Edward Grant Stockdale, a ruggedly handsome, forty-eight-year-old businessman and cohort of both Jack and Robert Kennedy, fell to his death from the thirteenth floor of the Alfred I. DuPont Building in downtown Miami.

Stockdale tumbled eight floors from his business office window before his body struck and landed on a fifth-floor ledge. . . .”

There is ample reason to believe that Stockdale’s death was not suicide.

“. . . . Interviewed in June 2004, Grant’s daughter, Ann Stockdale—apparently acutely aware of the dangers of speaking candidly about her father’s alleged suicide even four decades later . . . . “[President] Kennedy asked Daddy to go to the Air Force Base south of Miami to see if (against Kennedy’s orders) bombs were being loaded on the planes. Bombs were being loaded on the planes! I believe one of the reasons Daddy was killed was because he knew that the Government was being run by the Military Complex. . . .”

Stockdale expressed fear for his life: “ . . . . Author and publisher David Talbot writes that Stockdale flew to Washington and talked with Robert and Edward Kennedy about the assassination of their brother. On his return [to Miami] Stockdale told several of his friends that ‘the world was closing in.’ On December 1, he spoke to his attorney, William Frates, who later recalled: ‘He started talking. It didn’t make much sense. He said something about ‘those guys’ trying to get him. Then about the assassination.’’ . . . .”

The authors speculate that Stockdale’s “suicide” may have been arranged in part, to obscure his awareness of the profound Nazi presence in Ireland, including operations of Otto and Ilse Skoreny. Skorzeny, of course, may have been a key tactical planner for the JFK assassination as posited by Albarelli and his co-authors.

“ . . . . ‘Frequently attending these gatherings in all their splendor were Otto and Ilse Skorzeny . . . Without doubt, Stockdale was amply familiar with former Nazi SS officer Skorzeny, who often visited the embassy for meetings with various American businessmen, military officers, and intelligence officials, as well as various embassy staff members throughout 1960, 1961, and 1962. Former embassy personnel vividly recall Skorzeny coming to the embassy on a near ‘weekly basis.’ Evidence also reveals that the Skorzenys were occasional dinner guests joining the ambassador and his wife. . . .”  (more...)

Further Analysis of Nazi Involvement in the Assassination of JFK

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