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50 Years Later: The True Story Behind the October Crisis of 1970 Must Be Told


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On June 15, 2019 the strange fact was made public by Canada’s National Post that the entire 40 year CSIS dossier compiled on Canada’s most famous Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau was destroyed by Canada’s spy agency in 1989.

How this embarrassing fact could have gone un-noticed for so long is tied to access to information laws in Canada which make all government dossiers available on any public or private citizen 20 years after their deaths. With the 20 year anniversary of Pierre Trudeau’s death just around the corner, and the 50th anniversary of the October Crisis, hungry historians searching for a story filed early applications to read this long awaited dossier which was supposed to be awaiting scrutinizing eyes in the Archives of Canada. The answer they received from CSIS and the National Archives was that the massive treasure of documentation was destroyed because it did not “meet the threshold set out by the CSIS Act to justify being kept in service’s active inventory. The file also fell short of criteria for preservation set out by the national archives”.

Many are now wondering if the secrets CSIS wished to remain hidden are tied to its own subversive behaviour, or if it relates to potentially embarrassing information on the role played by Canada’s third longest standing Prime Minister within the context of Britain’s geopolitical “Great Game” against the world.

As we will briefly review here, by looking at the global transformation underway during Pierre Trudeau’s reign, and the specific “inside job” played by Trudeau and Anglo-Canadian Intelligence agencies during the “October Crisis” in 1970, we will discover that both answers are likely close to the truth.

This exercise is especially important at this time of crisis, as developments in Ottawa and Canada are pointing to new dangers of a repeat of a tyrannical crackdown on peaceful protestors demanding the return of their freedoms.  (more...)

50 Years Later: The True Story Behind the October Crisis of 1970 Must Be Told


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  1. This is an even bigger Canadian story: the mass graves hoax.