Thursday, February 3, 2022

Update on Nazi Connections to the JFK Assassination


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In our previous programs, we set forth the deep political milieu spanning the landscape of the JFK assassination, as embodied by a French fascist network stretching from the 1930’s up until the early 1990’s. Overlapping dominant French and transnational fascist components of multiple intelligence agencies and transnational corporations, these networks exemplify the powerful forces that killed President Kennedy and sit astride the contemporary political landscape.

In this program, we further develop some of the Nazi networks involved with the JFK assassination, in order to flesh out understanding of the structural and operational nature of the dominant elements in our political culture.

Representative of the fascist connections in the JFK assassination highlighted in Coup in Dallas is the fact that Robert Schacht – a blood relative of Hjalmar  Horace Greeley Schacht, Hitler’s finance minister who was deeply involved with Clay Shaw and Permindex – was the admissions director for Albert Schweitzer College, the first destination of Lee Harvey Oswald when he “defected” to the Soviet Union.

We also include a passage from Jim DiEugenio’s classic work on the Garrison investigation – Destiny Betrayed.

This passage places the Schacht family connection in greater depth.

Permindex was involved with, among other things, attempts on the life of French president Charles De Gaulle in conjunction with elements of CIA and the OAS.  (more...)

Update on Nazi Connections to the JFK Assassination

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