Saturday, February 5, 2022

Germany hates its children – being a child in this country is a nightmare


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Germany is completely bogged down.

Let’s take school for example. Pupils are required to wear a mask on the bus, on the school grounds, in the school building and in class, starting at bus stops. They have no right to take it off. They are not allowed to drink or eat.

If they lower the mask below the nose and someone sees it, they immediately give a strict remark. Even if the child says that he is suffocating, nobody cares. By the way, physical education is also done in a mask.

In addition, three times a week a test is done right before the lesson. Children, starting from the first grades, should test themselves. Shove this wand up your nose. It will show at least one positive test result, you need to do it every day, and sometimes go to quarantine.

The vaccine was introduced from the age of 5. They say that not necessarily, but voluntarily. But they restrict children if he doesn’t have the vaccine. For example, from the age of 12, if you do not have a vaccination, you cannot go to any circles, to the cinema, anywhere at all. They won’t even let you go to McDonald’s. Here’s your volunteer.

Now the topic of kindergartens. Two weeks ago, testing of children three times a week was also introduced here, otherwise you can not go to kindergarten.

Over the years, more and more there is a feeling that they simply hate children here.  (more...)

Germany hates its children – being a child in this country is a nightmare


In the last few months, the incidence of myocarditis has increased by 31% in France and by 75% in Germany

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