Friday, February 25, 2022

Freedom Convoy truckers regrouping at undisclosed location


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Truckers from the Freedom Convoy who have recently been evicted from downtown Ottawa are now regrouping at an undisclosed location.

After the recent police action last weekend, and the reinforcement to clear the area of protesters, I wondered what happened with all the people who saw their trucks, cars, furniture and equipment seized by the authorities.

I talked with some of the people who remained while they awaited more updates on the seizure — they revealed to me some of the secret locations other people went to.

At the first place I visited, I heard that the day before, they received a visit from the police who told them to leave or risk being arrested. The mainstream media also came to visit them this group. Most of them had already left the area when I arrived.

Afterwards, I drove two hours to the other side of Ottawa to find a really peaceful piece of private land where truckers and protesters were resting and taking some time off, relaxing after the recent traumatizing events.

Tents, toilets, fires, and others facilities were accessible. Some of them were still wondering what was going to happen with their cars, trucks, and other equipment they had lost. Others had no place to go, since some had lost their wallets or even had their bank accounts frozen.

I talked to some of these people and most of them wanted to remain anonymous, since the government has been threatening to chase them down.

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