Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Clarity: A Post-Mortem On The Planted Actors In The Freedom Convoy


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“We’re the slaves of the phony leaders, breathe the air we have blown you.”

The Punk Meets The Godfather,

Pete Townshend

If you are like most of us, not on the ground in Ottawa over these past weeks, you were perhaps vaguely aware there were spokespersons for the Freedom Convoy, whom you never thought to question. Until the Amazing Polly drop, on Feb 11, which revealed the bitter reality that the four self-appointed leaders of the Convoy were rotten, unknown, vindictive, and had commandeered the GoFundMe account, whatever remained of it. Who were they? Nobody knew.

The top dog was a husky man who sure looked exactly like a “trucker,” named Benjamin Dichter. He was interviewed far and wide by the non-left mainstream media, including Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, both Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson, and many more. He sounded, as my friend Paul Bell put it, “all the right notes.” (How much do Tucker Carlson’s producers earn? Is it too much to ask that they book sources on major stories only following elemental background checks?)

We actually have a subscriber and friend, right here at The Truth Barrier, who has historical context on this fellow Dichter, dating back to 2014. We’ll hear from him shortly—he and I have been developing his story and correcting the text over the past week, during which time, as sometimes happens, the Story Fish actually jumps into the net.  (more...)

Clarity: A Post-Mortem On The Planted Actors In The Freedom Convoy

Part 2:

Our Man In Ottawa: Who Is Benjamin Dichter?

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  1. I spent a lot of time on the Ron Paul campaign backin 2008-2012's. My experience it you get a lot of good hearted patriotic but naive folks Then the infiltrators and parasites show up. The infiltrators tried to get people on board for dangorous stunts. A whole Ron Paul industry aka Campaign for Liberty sprung up.

    Learning sort of