Monday, November 2, 2020

White Supremacists Infiltrate McMaster University Conservatives – One Was A Member Of Neo-Nazi Forum Iron March


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The McMaster University Conservatives recently named to its Executive Team two students with ties to hate movements, including one who was a member of the notorious neo-Nazi forum Iron March.

According to a social media post from October 2nd - which has since been deleted - Richard Carmichael was named President, and Tyler Blair was named as Director of Public Relations for the second year in a row. Carmichael was the coordinator of the short-lived MacDonald/Dominion Society, which was deratified only a month after ratification for not disclosing its ties to a similarly named group that had open white supremacists in its membership. Blair, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network has found, has been an active member of multiple fascist online communities, including the neo-Nazi forum Iron March, and the right-wing extremist server Canadian Super Players Club.

President-elect Richard Carmichael was at the centre of a campus politics controversy last summer (2019), when he attempted to start a student group called the MacDonald Society, which claimed to focus on and celebrate Canadian culture.

In a June meeting of the McMaster University Student Representative Assembly, members discussed the potential ratification of the MacDonald Society, highlighting concerns brought forth regarding the club's potential associations with another group outside the university known to espouse and support white supremacist rhetoric -- later revealed to be The MacDonald Cultural and Historical Society (MCHS). The ratification was postponed and a series of questions were provided to Carmichael, seeking clarification.

One month later, in response to the SRA's questions, Carmichael agreed to change the club's name to the Dominion Society, and he unequivocally denied any connection with "any external groups or clubs. Especially extremist groups."  (more...)

White Supremacists Infiltrate McMaster University Conservatives – One Was A Member Of Neo-Nazi Forum Iron March


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