Saturday, November 16, 2019

Canadian Soldier With Ties To Neo-Nazi Terrorist Groups Arranged For Illegal Weapons Sale In Bosnia

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‘Nick’, who identifies as a fascist, a racist, and a “violent fanatic,” says he is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), according to private messages and posts on the now-defunct Iron March forum.

The Iron March forum existed for self-identifying fascists and neo-Nazis and gave rise to terrorist groups such as the Atomwaffen Division (AWD). It had approximately 87 users with Canadian IP addresses, according to a newly released dump of information which included private messages. Nick and Zeiger (aka Gabriel Sohier Chaput of Montreal) were administrators. Nick encouraged people to join AWD, and called the members killed in Florida by one of their own “my associates.” Chaput is wanted in Quebec and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Nick was active in the forum and reaffirming his membership in the Canadian Armed Forces until it went down in November of 2017, claiming to work in an office-based noncombat role with the Navy. On the forum he would promote fascist reading materials and glorified terrorist attacks.
“100 Breiviks who fight the system using violence are worth more than a million ‘fascists’ who think about what their image will be.”
Breivik murdered 77 people, including children, at a Worker’s Youth League camp in Norway in 2011.

Nick, who’s profile includes the description “worshiping school shooters,” told a frustrated high-school student on Vancouver Island: “if you really want to stop the leftists at your school you’re going to have to use more than just arguments, but at least it’ll be a permanent solution don’t break the law though.”

Nick also encouraged other fascists to join the military, as previously noted by VICE, but he says he wouldn’t follow orders that went against his fascist beliefs and told others that you “can always go AWOL [away without leave] or shoot your CO [commanding officer].” He says he wants a system collapse, a “cleansing,” and to “re-establish order with extreme violence.”  (more...)


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