Thursday, April 12, 2018

Regnery, Dictators, and Popes

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A publisher enraptured by dictators? Beam me up, Henry.
It was no accident that LUCIANNE GOLDBERG worked with ALFRED REGNERY, a man with isolationist and pro-Nazi forebearers. Regnery was friends with KEN STARR, and RICHARD SCAIFE, who had worked in the CIA for decades and runs his own version of the Agency whose purpose is to bring down President Clinton. This researcher detects the hand of a rightwing invisible government attempting to overthrow a democratically elected President, in a bloodless coup.

KEN STARR was a friend of the late Henry Regnery and is a friend of ALFRED REGNERY, Henry's son. ALFRED'S grandfather, William Regnery was a founder of the American Security Council.

The person most responsible for establishing the American Security Council was General Robert Wood, then Chairman of Sears Roebuck. Prior to Pearl Harbor, Wood was also the chairman of the America First Committee, an organization committed to opposing all efforts to aid Allies besieged by Nazi Germany. As national chairman, Wood made no effort to keep out openly pro-Nazi groups known to have been supported by Germany, such as the German American Bund. Radio priest Father Charles Coughlin's anti-Semitic and pro-Axis followers were also permitted by Wood to work within America First. A 1942 FBI report indicated that Wood's "patriotic" group had "been called upon to accept financial assistance from pro-Nazi sources."

In 1945, Regnery met Frank Hanighen, an Omaha businessman, who with two other isolationists, Felix Morley and William Henry Chamberlin, had started a weekly broadsheet in Washington, Human Events. Regnery became a co-owner and the treasurer of the paper, but he was unwilling to leave the Midwest. In 1947, with his father's help, he founded Henry Regnery Company. The first two books he published were pro-German attacks on the Nuremberg Trials. The company's third book was In Darkest Germany (1947) which reported that bombing raids in Germany's industrial North had left civilians starving and homeless. Neither of these nor the subsequent books Regnery had published made money, and by the time Buckley sent God and Man at Yale to Regnery in April 1951 the firm was barely solvent. In 1954 Regnery published two of Birch Society leader Robert Welch's books.  (more...)


C.I.A. Connections of White Nationalist Leaders and Alternative Media Figures

business fascism Nazi Catholic mainstream media politics neocons publishing

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