Tuesday, April 24, 2018

‘They come for us first’: New report shows spike in anti-Semitic incidents in Alberta

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EDMONTON – Anti-Semitic harassment spiked in Alberta last year, according to a report from B’nai Brith Canada released on Tuesday.

Combined numbers from Alberta and the Northwest Territories show 206 recorded incidents of harassment and vandalism in 2017. Last year, when the report grouped Alberta and British Columbia together, it showed 121 incidents between those two provinces.

Abe Silverman, B’nai Brith’s manager of public affairs for Alberta, said the numbers should concern all Albertans.

“Jews are only the canary in the coal mine,” he said. “They come for us first, and then everybody else comes after.”

Silverman said the bulk of the anti-Semitic harassment in the province is coming from southern Alberta.

Nationally, B’nai Brith said Canada registered its second straight record-setting year for anti-Semitic incidents with 1,752.  (more...)

Why would a broadly condemned social pathology persist over so many generations? Is it linked to broader anti-religious phenomena - Christophobia, Islamophobia? Is it sustained by secret societies and government structures? Read:

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