Friday, April 13, 2018

George Weigel, Donald Trump and the End of the Catholic Neocons

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Having lost all bearing in the Trump-Francis era, the Catholic neocons have been very quiet as of late. From Francis’s attack on “trickledown economics” in Evangelii Gaudium (2013) to his persistent support of not only economic but cultural Marxism, the current bishop of Rome has fashioned himself as a man decidedly of the left.

Meanwhile on the home front, with his protectionist economic policies, curtailing of immigration and his refusal to commit to a foreign war in the name of freedom and democracy, President Donald Trump has refused to sign on the neocon agenda that had reigned in the White House for decades.

The remaining two of the original four horsemen of Catholic neoconservativism, George Weigel and Professor Robert George have largely laid low as it has become clear that Americans are in no mood for foreign intervention, American jobs sent to foreign places, or foreign invasion via immigration.

However, seeing recent moves in support of neocon policy by some in the Trump White House, the neocons have decided to test the waters and see if American Catholics are ready for another round of foreign wars.

In The Public Discourse’s “Could a Preemptive Strike on North Korea or Iran be Morally Justified?”, Dr. Robert Kennedy, a Catholic Studies Professor at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota argues it would be morally licit, according to Catholic theology, for a country to preemptively attack another country.  (more...)


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  1. Weigel has a nearly thirty year record of advocating what eventually became known as the neocon position. How a theology student and instructor in an obscure seminary in the 1980s ended up highly connected with Washington power brokers of the neocon camp has yet to be explained. Certainly Weigel has been silent on why neocons approached him. Were they looking for someone who would advocate their position couched in quasi theological language and jargon so as to mislead Catholics into supporting the neocon war mongeting agenda, liberalism, and a Masonic world hegemony?