Sunday, April 1, 2018

Worried by rise of far-right groups, Canada puts millions into anti-racism effort

MONTREAL — Concerned that the tide of far-right ideology could become mainstream in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has for the first time earmarked millions of dollars in the national budget to counter racism.

As far-right movements have gained ground among many of Canada’s allies, the Liberal government has committed to providing $23 million Canadian over two years for multicultural programs and cross-country consultations on racism.

The budget, approved in February, stated that diversity was a cornerstone of Canadian identity threatened by the rise of “ultranationalist movements and protests against immigration, visible minorities and religious minorities.” The new funding will bolster the existing Multiculturalism Program.

Canada is worried that such ultranationalist movements could also harbor violent elements. In its annual public report on the terrorist threat to Canada in December, Public Safety Canada listed right-wing extremism as a “growing concern” for the first time. While much of the far-right activity was concentrated online, the report said, there were risks for physical violence.  (more...)


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