Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Doug Ford resists pressure to remove Tanya Granic Allen from Mississauga nomination fight

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PC Leader Doug Ford is resisting pressure to bar former leadership contender Tanya Granic Allen from seeking the party’s nomination in Mississauga Centre over controversial social media posts about Muslims and gays.

The comments, first revealed in the Star, compared women in burkas to “bank robbers” and “ninjas” and questioned gay marriage, now legal in Ontario.

Those remarks prompted rival parties and a Muslim clergyman to call on Ford to disqualify Granic Allen from the April 21 nomination race, whose winner will carry the Progressive Conservative banner in the June 7 provincial election.

“It’s pretty disappointing to see somebody seeking public office who has those kinds of attitudes that can be described as racist and homophobic,” NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said Tuesday.

“The Conservatives will have to they will go forward,” Premier Kathleen Wynne told reporters at a west-end school. “But that kind of behaviour, that kind of language, that kind of attitude, I believe has no place in our society.”  (more...)

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  1. Tanya Granic Allen wrote on 6/12/13 "... I am of Croatian father is a Croatian immigrant who came to Canada in the sixties as part of the Croatian Diaspora because life was brutal under the oppressive, Serbian communists".


    Really Tanya? ALL Serbian, ALL? 100%. For the record: why does Granic Allen write "SERBIAN COMMUNISTS"?

    Has she conveniently forgotten that Marshall Tito himself was half-Croatian? (the other half being Slovene). The leader of the Croatians during the wars in the 1990s, Tudjman was a general in Tito's army.

    Yet, according to Allen, Yugoslavians of Croatian descent were being persecuted by SERBIAN communists.

    World War II saw BOTH Serbs and Croatians engage in some of the most monstrous, brutal sadism that has ever been seen in Europe.


    What followed can only be described as a savage religious and tribal war similar to the one being fought now. Hitler created an inde­pendent Croatian state and placed at its head Ante Pavelic, leader of the Croatian fascists known as the Ustashi. Though most established Croat politicians refused to join Pavelic, the reemergence of Croatia during World War II was a tragic event: Its leaders perpetrated geno­cide against Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies in Krajina and Bosnia.

    Serb nationalists, known as Chetniks, retali­ated in kind. They carried out massacres of Croats and especially Bosnian Muslims, most of whom allied themselves with the Croats. Acting in the name of preserving their nations and faiths, Serbs and Croats conducted a holy war trying to exterminate each other. Lower clergy on both sides sanctioned their crimes. The widespread use of the knife as the instrument of death revealed the depth of their tribal hatreds.


    I, for one, do not want to see Tanya Granic Allen bringing her OLD HATREDS to Canada. I find it especially repugnant that she, as a Catholic can hold to these old hatreds and NOT disassociate herself from neo-Nazis and neo-fascists that she follows on her Twitter account. Tanya Granic Allen has yet to denounce - without any equivocation - the Ustashe. It is time for BOTH Croats and Serbs to come to realization that they BOTH have their hands stained in blood.

    I find it perversely ironic that Tanya Granic Allen, as a Catholic, could travel to see Cardinal Sarah (even tweeting about him), a man who has come from a race of people who have suffered so much over the past few hundred years from horrid racism. Yet, she is seemingly incapable of seeing the racism and hatred of Croat against Serb.

    I wonder what Cardinal Sarah would think of her following Croatian Nazis, nazi apologists, 1990s war criminals, etc? THis does not sound very Catholic to me, nor does it really sound very "pro-life". The demonization of Serbs - without any distinction - is a grave mortal sin.

    1. Her xenophobic mindset is of much more immediate concern in the sex education struggle. Her denigration of Muslim women echoes Michael Coren's antics that helped drive away support of Muslim parents in Thornhill, Kathleen Wynne's riding, a few years ago. Granic-Allen, Coren, and other Cathevangelics have exhibited very un-Catholic attitudes that undermine attempts to bring parents together on sex education. One has to question her commitment to parental rights if she can't set aside her prejudices for the sake of our children.

  2. I am at a loss how she, as an advocate for the family can go into politics with four young children, including a ten month old. If elected, whatever kind of politician she turns out to be, she certainly will be a bad mother. How will she be able to be “the first educator” of her children, when she will be down in the GTA at her new job? Does she intend to be changing nappies on her desk in Queens Park? You will notice that she has not been called out on this by the feminists because her decision to run and place her children in second place is precisely their own mindset. Let there be no mistake - Granic Allen may be opposed to abortion, but she still is a feminist who wants to ONLY revise some of the “icky” parts of the sex ef program with, as she with “experts”. I am sorry but where was Granic Allen when the 2010 and the earlier sex Ed programs were out there? Why as a Catholic is she not demanding that sex Ed be removed from our schools, period? No this equivocation bodes badly. I predict that a PC government will either do a few superficial changes or nothing. Children will continue to be corrupted.

    1. The Catholic/Evangelical "conservative" chimera gave us Patrick Brown. It gave us Michael Coren. It tried to cover up John Baird's perversity. It incubated the Nazi youth that hatched out of Sun News Network and Rebel Media. Our doe-eyed siren is just another invitation to the ruin of our families.