Tuesday, April 10, 2018

London school board calls meeting after principal charged with sexual assault

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London’s public school board has called a special meeting for Tuesday in the wake of criminal charges and allegations of sexual misconduct against principal Michael Deeb.

The chair of the Thames Valley district school board, Matt Reid, would not confirm why the meeting was called.

But he did say it was called Monday and will deal, in-camera, with a personnel, property or legal matter before a planning and priorities advisory committee meeting.

Reid received a letter Friday from Megan Walker, executive-director of the London Abused Women’s Centre, calling for a third party investigation into allegations against Deeb.

The board has not responded to the letter yet.

“We are still reviewing it and the trustees need a chance to talk about it,” Reid said.

Deeb, 49, on leave from his principal’s post at Beal secondary school, was charged Thursday with sexual exploitation and sexual assault of a female student in 2000-2001.  (more...)


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