Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Normalization? 'SHE'S GROWN UP': Notorious teacher Debra LaFave 'completely different' 13 years after student sex trial

An infamous teacher who notoriously admitted to bedding a 14-year-old student has discarded her troubled ways in exchange for the wholesome lifestyle required by her new-found faith.

Debra LaFave was 24 years old when she pleaded guilty to having sex with a teenage pupil – a salacious story that made international headlines in 2004 due to the novelty of a teacher-student relationship and LaFave’s striking looks.

The victim told authorities he engaged in sex acts with LaFave on multiple occasions during a four-day period that included sex in a vehicle that was allegedly being driven by the victim’s cousin.

She was sentenced to three years house arrest and seven years of probation in a plea agreement.

Thirteen years later, LaFave is a changed woman, her friend Joe Zuniga recently told People.com.  (more...)

No doubt, she votes Republican values, too. The Christian Right will absolve you of ANY sin:

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