Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Depraved world view of Ben Levin continues on parole

Convicted child pornographer Ben Levin, the former bigwig in Ontario’s ministry of education, is on parole — but he is busy online, trolling academic studies on porn and leaving comments that suggest the disgraced educator still doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

Or that he hurt anyone.

If he remains so clueless, why isn’t this registered sex offender still behind bars?

Levin, 65, was sentenced to three years in prison in 2015 after pleading guilty to creating and possessing child pornography and counselling others to commit a sexual assault.

Caught by undercover officers online, the world-renowned educator, UofT prof and former member of Kathleen Wynne’s transition team was a frequent visitor to an incest chat room where he counselled single moms on how to sexually assault their daughters for his pleasure and theirs, a site where his profile listed his sexuality as “nothing is taboo.”

In one disgusting sampling read out in court, the depraved Levin told one London “mom” he’d like to “f— all 3 (of her children) in front of you with your help…would they submit or would I need to tie them?”

Levin was denied full parole in August 2016 after the National Parole Board found he still lacked insight into his crimes. This past January, he somehow convinced them otherwise and was granted full parole.

Yet Levin still appears to blame everyone but himself. In his online comments, he suggests we’re the ones with the problem, that as a society, we’re overreacting to “harmless” fantasies.

Since his release, Levin’s Internet footprint is all over ResearchGate, a kind of Facebook for academics to post and review studies.  (more...)


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