Sunday, November 12, 2017

Horrified: Tens of thousands from Europe's far right march in Poland

The official celebration of Poland’s 99th independence day proceeded innocuously, with ceremonies in the capital. There was even a visit from the European Council’s internationalist president, who insisted to Politico that Saturday’s festivities would proceed “with a smile on our face and with joy in our hearts.”

But for blocks and blocks and blocks beyond the central towers of Warsaw, a much larger crowd swelled beneath a cloud of red smoke. The tens of thousands of people came from across Poland and beyond, and reporters documented their signs:

“Clean Blood,” as seen by Politico.

“Pray for an Islamic Holocaust,” per CNN.

“White Europe” streaked across another banner, The Associated Press reported — as about 60,000 people chanted and marched through Warsaw in an annual gathering of Europe’s far-right movements, which have by now grown to dwarf the official version of Poland’s independence day.  (more...)

Fascist Falanga insignia on display at the march

Is Germanification in Poland's future?

Let us beseech the Church for a strong response to these Nazi agendas:


  1. One more thing - Poles generally don't identify themselves as white. Much rather - as Poles, a Slavic Nation. Is it OK, if say to you: It is OK to be Polish and it is OK to want to preserve own culture, to pass it on to one's own children? Is it OK for a Pole to not want to be islamized, and to believe the Catholic Faith to be the only true one? Poles send aid to Islamic peoples, but prefer them to stay in their own lands.

    1. Dorota, I am all for Poles rallying to their hard-fought rights as a nation. The problem is that the official celebrations have been overshadowed by outsiders who are trying to appropriate their natural patriotism for their ideological agendas. I have long and personal experience of these closet Nazis attempting to lure me into their confidence. Read the linked articles. It's not just a media phantasm. German attempts to subvert and manipulate Poles go back centuries. If you know St. Maximilian Kolbe's story, you're aware of the Gestapo's attempt to "turn" him. He was named the prophet of this age by St. John Paul II for good reason.

  2. It seems that I did not read your article carefully. However, many people (including polish MSM) have been making claims that those thousands of Poles marching were fascists. I am convinced that they were not used and fooled by anybody, and that they were not inspired by hate. They were inspired by love and wisdom. Love is for their own culture and for the One True God of their Catholic Faith.

    Wisdom is in understanding the evil forces between conflating patriotism and belief in absolute truth with bigotry and hate.

    It is wise to understand that multiculturalism invites relativism, speech and thought control, and a "strength through diversity" which is really a very low common denominator between irreconcilable claims.

    Poles understand that multiculturalism destroys social cohesion and freedom of thought and belief. God is replaced by an all-powerful state with its corrupt judiciary. Father Maksymilian Kolbe was a courageous, wise fighter against Freemasonry's ungodly ideals.

    1. Again, no-one is questioning the right of self-determination of the Polish people. That balance of ethnicity in their country is their's to determine and not the EU. Prior to the war, many Jews were harbored when much of the rest of Europe banished them. Today, many Ukrainians are being welcomed into Poland. However, Germany has a long history of trying to change Poland's makeup -- to Germanize it. Lublin, where my father's family immigrated from, was condemned to total liquidation by Himmler. Search for "Majdanek" on this page. There is ample evidence that Germany is fanning the flames of nationalism across Europe in order to destroy social cohesion and dominate the ruined fragments. It's a strategy they've used before. Read the linked article "There is a Revolt in Europe..."

  3. Who in Germany is fanning the flames of polish nationalism?
    What you are saying and linking to is pure propaganda.

    Let me explain: the thousands and thousands of Poles who arrived in Warsaw to celebrate Polish independence are true patriots, not German puppets. These patriots are opposed to the traitor Donald Tusk (installed in Brussels by Merkel for having been an obedient boy), whom they booed during the official celebration. The official celebration in the mind of Poles was the one you see as Nazi-inspired.

    What you are writing about the banners is also a lie. The thousands who were marching were not carrying the banners you talk about. The "Daily Mail" reports about such banners, while providing no evidence, and while showing only one which says: "Polish Youth".

    My maternal Grandparents, Jan and Aleksandra Ciukszo, actually saved the lives of a Jewish family during WWII, and were honored by Israeli government. My Father was dying in a hospital in Lublin when I, as a four year old, brought him fresh air from outside with healing properties (on desperate advise of my pregnant Mother) - and he was healed! But this changes nothing about your propaganda piece, truth, and my response.

    1. Dorota, Poles will disagree on political issues. That is part of the political process in a democracy. What is disturbing is the descent of international fascists on their national celebrations. Polish observers noted Hungarian Jobbik party vice president László Toroczkai, Italian Forza Nuova leader Roberto Fiore, Slovak holocaust denier Milan Mazurek, Manuel Serrano from Spain’s National Democrats, Britain First’s Jayda Fransen, ex EDL leader Tommy Robinson and many more. Quite the jackboot party. While in school, I was very forcefully approached by this kind of people. My college don was one of them. The Radical National Camp Falanga specifically recruited in universities. Don't try to tell me these people don't exist. I remember too well their predations. Poland's saint of Auschwitz was condemned because he refused to go along with them.